Planning and Zoning Commission Endorses the Land Development Code!
The Xenia Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on May 5, 2016 and voted unanimously to endorse the new Land Development Code and associated rezonings. The next step is for City Council to hold a public hearing on May 26, 2016. ​

City Council Public Hearing
Time and Date: 7:00 PM, May 26, 2016
Place: 2nd floor of Xenia City Hall, 101 N. Detroit St.

Click here to view the public hearing notice for the new code.

Click here to view the public hearing notice for the rezonings, including a list of properties proposed for rezoning.

Click here or in the box above to view the final draft of the new Land Development Code.

After City Council holds a public hearing on May 26, Council will vote on the new Land Development Code and associated rezonings at its June 9 meeting. If approved, the new code and rezonings will become effective July 9.

In addition to the document currently under consideration for adoption, the two documents below may be useful to you as you review the draft code. Download the files, in PDF format, by clicking on the respective titles.

Xenia Code Evaluation Report (April 13, 2015)
Completed prior to writing the draft code as an outline of the major changes originally proposed for the project, informed by input from community stakeholders.

Xenia Code Transition Table
A table that summarizes how the major sections of the existing Planning and Zoning Code transitioned to the draft code, including whether sections were deleted, revised and moved, or maintained as the existing text.

Shaping Xenia's Future

Want Xenia to grow? Want Xenia to improve?
The City of Xenia does too – and that’s why it decided to overhaul its outdated development regulations in order to make Xenia an easier place for both of these things to happen – in a process called ShapeXenia.

The City is nearing the end of a year-long process of reaching out to Xenia residents, business owners, developers and other key stakeholders to determine how the City can improve its zoning and subdivision laws. The result is a new unified, streamlined Land Development Code. The new code will be presented to Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council starting in April, with the hope of enacting the new code by June. View the new code and associated documents using the links to the right.

Below is what the new code will mean for the Xenia community:
Improves the ease of doing business:
  • Broader list of uses permitted in business districts including an increased opportunity for mixed uses;
  • Streamlined review processes with less board/commission review, thus reducing permitting time;
  • More flexible/generous signage and off-street parking regulations;
  • No permit required for minor activities (re-facing a sign, small sheds, small temporary signs, etc.);
  • User-friendly with better organization, more tables, and graphics;
  • More area allowed for residential garages, sheds;
  • Reasonable and consistent architectural and landscaping standards that will apply across the City;
  • Improved flexibility in meeting architectural and landscaping standards;
  • Better accommodation of residential infill development in older neighborhoods; and
  • Clearer, more objective standards to ensure consistent enforcement.

Improves the value and attractiveness of Xenia for new and existing businesses and residents:
  • Architectural standards citywide (excluding industrial districts) instead of just downtown and planned developments;
  • Improved quality and relevance of standards for local/national historic districts;
  • Improved landscaping installation/maintenance standards; and
  • Requirement for traffic studies for larger developments.